KAIRDA KUT700 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

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    KAIRDA KUT700 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

    International standard for portable digital ultrasonic flaw detector KUT700. This instrument can be used to detect various defects inside the material, such as steel, copper, aluminum, hard alloy, casting, organic glass, composite materials, and welding and so on, which can effectively detect porosity, cracks, porosity, slag inclusion, incomplete welding defects, fully functional and practical, is a portable digital ultrasonic flaw detector real. Applications involving aerospace, military, chemical, electric power, iron and steel, metallurgy, railway, train, automobile, motorcycle, mechanical, security, pipeline, construction and other industries.
    Ø High scanning speed, low noise, excellent performance.
    Ø Intelligent testing tool is rich, easy to use.
    Ø The powerful PC software, can export excel format of the inspection report.
    KUT700 features:
    u 5 measuring value display area, 1 main display area for amplifying display, 17 kinds of value types to choose from.
    u 2 independent gate, can be measured independently, and can also be combined measurement.
    u The probe automatic calibration function: "zero", "K", "front" and "velocity" material.
    u Testing repeated firing frequency can be divided into five regulation.
    u Real-time video function testing process.
    u The 5 menu color schemes for users to choose, can choose the imperial.
    u B scanning function, clearly show the longitudinal section of the shape of defects.
    u Using the file management system, dynamic data storage, 100 independent detection channels, 300 containing A Scan image inspection report.
    u Intelligent DAC curve: arbitrary sequential calibration, automatic generation and can block fabrication, can be corrected and compensation; considering material attenuation and surface compensation factor; offset curve can be adjusted, consistent with domestic, foreign inspection standard; 6dB DAC function.
    u AVG curves are generated automatically, identify the highest wave automatic conversion value aperture, automatic calculation of large flat.
    u TCG curve, the depth of the automatic compensation function.
    u Automatic gain, echo envelope, peak memory function to improve the inspection efficiency.
    u Inside the gate, the sound and light alarm, DAC alarm.
    u High capacity lithium ion battery, long stand by time, continue to work more than 9 hours.
    u Can communicate with the computer, computer data management, and can guide the Excel format, A4 paper inspection report.
     The main technical indexes of KUT700:
    Ø Flaw detection sensitivity: ≥ 62dB
    Ø Resolution: ≥ 40dB (5N20)
    Ø The scanning range  0 ~ 10000mm
    Ø Vertical linearity error: ≤ 3%
    Ø Horizontal linear error: ≤ 0.1%
    Ø Dynamic range: ≥ 32dB
    Ø Frequency range: 0.5 ~ 20MHz
    Ø Gain control : 0 ~ 120dB
    Ø The electric noise level: ≤ 6%
    Ø Material velocity : 1000~18000(m/s)
    Ø Repetitive firing frequency: 100 ~ 1000Hz (adjustable)
    Ø Working mode: single, double, transmission
    Ø Pulse shift: -20 ~ +3400μs
    Ø Probe zero: 0 ~ 99.99μs
    Ø Interface type: BNC / LEMO
    Ø Temperature :-20 ~ 70℃
    Ø Dimensions (mm): 238x 155x 46
    Ø Weight (kg): 1 (including battery)
    KUT700 standard configuration:
    No. Item Quantity
    1 Main body 1
    2 Straight probe 1
    3 Angle probe 1
    4 The power adapter 1
    5 The probe cable 2
    6 User Manual 1
    7 Instruments Case  
    8 PC communication software and communication cable 1


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