KAIRDA KCT200 Coating Thickness Gauge

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                                                  KCT200 Coating Thickness Gauge 

     Measurement Range:   0—1250um or 0—50mil

     Accuracy:± [(1%~3%)H+1um]  Note:H is thickness reading

     powers down after 60 seconds of no activity.

    KAIRDA KCT200 Coating Thickness Gauge

    Operation Guide:

    1、Power-on and Warm-up
    Keystroke once;Wait until  READY! is displayed on the LCD. Now the gauge is ready for measurements.
    Keystroke twice; when  BASE ZERO  is displayed, place flat on Fe or Al base; hold steady. After measurement is obtained,  DONE  is shown and gauge beeps. Then lift gauge.
    Note: Please conduct zeroing process after changing base. Zeroing process could be repeated for better results.
    3、Unit Change
    Keystroke three times; convert from ums to mils or vice versa.
    Keystroke four times,Wait until  RESET  is displayed; after gauge resets, users can conduct zeroing process if necessary.


    Gauge    Reference Fe and Al Base
    Certified Plastic Shim   Battery etc.

    KAIRDA KCT200 Coating Thickness Gauge


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